Saturday, January 19, 2013

Winter Pinks

For those of you who have been wondering if I gave in to the temptation to taste the new chocolate--yes.  Yes, I did.  I got it the same day the nasty winter storm hit our area.  I figured if I were to have an accident on my way home, I'd regret not having tasted that chocolate.  So I had a little bit from each chocolate I had ordered, and they were all wonderful.  I got right back on the no-sugar wagon after I made it home safely, so I don't regret my decision.

Yesterday, when I was driving home from work, I saw the neatest thing.  The sun was very red/orange as it was setting and it was coloring the fluffy snow that was stuck to the tree branches.  It made the bare trees look like the pictures I've seen of the Japanese cherry trees in bloom.  For those of you who are not Japanophiles, check out the whole cherry blossom party thing here.  In honor of that odd but lovely moment, I wrote this haiku:

Winter Into Spring

Setting sun shines red
Through clots of snow on bare trees.
Cherry blossom time!

Cherry blossom time!

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