Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tastes Like Deprivation

I have made through my 21 days without processed sugar!  And it has taught me nothing!  Once my time was up, I immediately began eating chocolate as if it were another food group.  In my defense, I did have to conduct a chocolate tasting for the class I’m taking.  It simply couldn’t be avoided (but I may have wallowed in it just a little—it’s been a long 3 weeks of having to study chocolate without being able to taste any).  One of my tasters caught me overindulging in the milk chocolate and called me on it.  What can I say?  Cacao Barry’s Lactee Superieure really is a superior milk chocolate.  It’s dangerously yummy.

Life without chocolate tasted like deprivation to me, so perhaps I have learned something after all.  I had a tough time restraining myself from devouring my entire box of Valor chocolate-covered almonds, but I took a few out at a time and put the box away.  The almonds are big and rich, and the chocolate coating is practically plump.  It’s a marvelous treat, but when I started to go back for seconds, I realized that I was still hungry and ate more lunch instead.  Once in a while, I think I might grow up after all.

Then I seriously consider having kettlecorn for dinner, and I think maybe not.

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