This is why I need to start a blog.  I sent this email to a friend of mine who mentioned that he hadn’t had any coffee yet:

Ok.  Just finished my 2nd dose of coffee and am sitting in my chair, trying to vibrate quietly.  God, I love caffeine.  Srsly considering drinking some green tea, just to see what will happen next.

Did you get your fix or am I just taunting you with my overly-caffeinated state?

After an hour or so without a reply to that email or the two others of similar content (and yes, it really was that long in real minutes—it seemed like 2 days in my hyperactive state, but I was watching the clock since I knew my sense of time was skewed), I sent this email:

Crap.  I just realized that the crazy got loose and emailed itself to you.  Or maybe you're just drinking coffee as fast as you can so you can be catch up with hyper me?  Or maybe you're really busy so you can't write to me and I'm being paranoid again.  Cuz sometimes the supplements don't quite manage to keep up with the crazy and I've thrown off the balance by overindulging.  BTW, if you're drinking your coffee right now, you're still not gonna catch up cuz I'm about to go to kmart and get some oreos, so when the caffeine high starts to fade, I can go for the sugar crazies instead!  Yum!  Email me something to reassure me that you don't hate me now, k?
I’m pretty sure that there is only one person in the world who would have responded to that email and he has seen my caffeine frenzies for years.  Unfortunately , he is employed by puritans who don’t allow fun to happen in their workplace, so I can’t pester him during the day.

Basically, if I have a blog, people who are amused by this sort of manic rambling can peruse it at their leisure.  (And friends who have actual work to do can function in peace.)