Saturday, December 17, 2011


Yesterday was every bit as long as I expected.  Whew.  I was grateful for music because it kept me rolling when I started to slow down in the evening.  By the time I was ready to wash dishes (11:30 at night, thankyouverymuch), Cowboy Junkies was exactly what I needed.  I’ve had the Pale Sun/Crescent Moon CD for years and years and every once in a while, no other music will do.  When I’m feeling discouraged, Crescent Moon is the song I want to hear—it reminds me that everything in life has a cycle.  The music was still moving me along this morning when I switched to “Philadelphia Chickens,” which is a goofy pretend musical by Sandra Boynton with lots of famous people singing the various numbers (Kevin Bacon, Meryl Streep, Scott Bakula… name a couple).  I’m not a morning person and I really needed an extra dose of silly to get me in gear today.  It didn’t last long, since I’m working my customer service job today and…...of course……we have to listen to holiday favorites.  I do wonder who decides which songs are the favorites, because my favorites rarely show up on the playlist.

So, what were y’all grateful for yesterday?

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