Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Warmer than Average Weather

Woo-hoo!  Still grateful for my stamina.  I’m also grateful for the warmer than average weather yesterday and for clean, dry roads.  I had a good run last night, then spent the rest of the evening getting the chocolates ready for my coworkers.  Monday night I was packing up the chocolates that had to be mailed for family and friends.  I was getting a bit delirious from several really long days in a row, and I rather wonder how coherent those Christmas cards are.  Perhaps one of those cute little “newsletters” would have been a better plan (preferably one written a few weeks ago while my brain was mostly functional).  Then again, if I received a big ole box of goodies, I doubt I’d pay much attention to the card anyway.  I’d be too busy eating to care—ha!

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