Thursday, July 11, 2013

Changes keep ringing

Whew.  The new job is still awesome, but dang!  I've been soooo busy.  I am enjoying having weekends mostly free but I still don't have the interwebz in my house, so I haven't gotten around to writing anything new here.  I have finally unpacked though.  And Miss Bella is enjoying our balcony as long as the neighbor's dogs are not sharing her air.  She and I hang out there as often as we can, and I have to admit it's a marvelous place to spend an afternoon with a bottle of wine and a good book.

City Kitty keeps an eye on the passers-by
Got a new phone, which is smarter than my old phone.  As soon as I can figure out how to make it send pictures for real instead of lying to me about it, I'll post the view off the balcony.  I did get my personal library shelved, so you can admire that for the moment:

Paperbacks, over-sized, antique volumes, children's books

collections, non-fiction, misc fiction in hardback, city kitty
In other news, my good old car finally croaked.  It's been towed away, never to return.  The rubber duckie collection from the rear window is languishing in a box inside the apartment.  If anyone has a car for sale that is an automatic, less than 20 years old, less than 200,000 miles, for less than $2000, not required any serious mechanical work--please let me know!  I live about a mile from my new job, so I can walk to work (easy to get my exercise this way, too) but it would be helpful to have a way to get some cat litter home.

I know it's been a while since I posted, but you might recall that I was looking forward to spending time with a certain someone after I moved.  Well, that seems to have dissolved into a morass of anxiety, depression, lies, possibly some drugs or something--I have no clue.  Honestly, I'm not the one who is falling apart.  You can't help someone who won't talk to you. I went through an incredibly similar scenario a couple of years ago with someone else and it sucks just as much (maybe even more) this time around.  If I could borrow Jen and her buddies from "Jen" e sais quoi, I'd really appreciate it.  If a girl can't have a boyfriend, she should at least have some pals to bitch about men with, right? 

PS.  This is my 100th post!  Wo0t!!

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