Thursday, July 25, 2013

Starting over

During all the excitement and commuting and packing and unpacking of the last few months, I couldn't find time to run very often.  When I finally got back on the trails, I felt like I was starting over.  My body complained, my lungs were wimpy, and OMGITISSOFUCKINGHOTOUTHERE. EVERY. DAMNED. DAY.  After about a month, it's finally getting easier, and though I haven't gotten my speed back, I'm getting closer all the time.  Both of my pairs of running shoes are over a year old, so I sucked it up and bought a new pair of road shoes and a new pair of trail shoes.  I'm making some running friends here, so I have no excuses to skip.  And my joints won't let me keep trying to run in those worn out shoes.  My new road shoes are quite shiny, and they are high-mileage Asics, so they were pretty cushy to run in.  I was joking with one of my new running friends about shiny shoes making you run faster, but I think I really did run faster last night! 
Ooooooh, shiny!

Of course, I was by myself so I wasn't watching the time or the pace, but I know I was breathing too hard to carry on a conversation.  When I run with others, we generally roll pretty well but not so fast that I can't talk.  (Yeah, I know--you didn't realize it was possible for me to be unable to talk--very funny, smartypantses) It was a good run and hopefully the cushy new shoes will help me get my mileage back up.  I miss being able to cruise through a 10-mile run.  (shaking fist) "As Dog is my witness, I will be a distance runner again! (mumbling) Just as soon as it cools off some.....

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