Monday, July 23, 2012


Oh wow.  It's been a long while since I last posted anything.  Did you miss me?

The Paleo/Primal thing is working pretty well so far.  I've lost two dress sizes in the last 6 weeks or so and I'm feeling strong in spite of the fact that the only exercise I get lately is the CENSORED mowing.  I've had some pretty rough bouts with PMS, but this month I'm going to add more white potatoes and/or sweet potatoes in my diet to see if that is sufficient or if I will continue to inhale $4 fancyass chocolate bars and fistfuls of bacon for about 3 days straight.  I find it amazing that I've managed to lose the weight in spite of that little glitch.  My sinus problems are nearly gone and I suddenly have biceps.  I've been finding gobs of fun new recipes to make, too.  I cooked beef tongue last week for the first time and I adored it (Thanks tgipaleo).  Crazy stuff.

I have been spending my tiny bits of free time with a particularly private person (who will be known as P3 hereafter), so I can't write much about what I've been up to.  It's been too hot, too inconvenient, too whatever to run, so the running group never gets together anymore.  My other friends are all busy with their own lives, so it's lucky I have P3 to hang out with.  Otherwise, I might have died of boredom by now.  These are my excuses for not posting here for over 6 weeks.  I'm totally blaming everyone else.  Don't like getting blamed?  Let's go do stuff so I have something to write about.  Don't wanna hang out with me?  Tough taters--my boring life is all your fault.

I did get some exciting news last week.  My younger brother and his wife are having a baby!  Well, she is probably going to be doing all the work on that for the time being, but she's a smart lady--she'll make him do all sorts of the work once the kid is actually born.  I'm still having a tough time seeing lil bro as a daddy.  But I DO plan to send the small fry the very loudest toys they make.  Every birthday, every Christmas.  Oh, it's payback time, y'all. 

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