Monday, April 30, 2012

Sometimes Things Don't Work Out

In my previous post, I was gushing about my fabulous new trail shoes, and I mentioned that I had a hot spot on my heel after my first run.  Well, that particular problem never really went away.  And I started having some pain in the tendons over my knees.  So as much as I love the way those shoes handled the trails, they ultimately weren’t the shoes for me.  Which sucks, because I really wanted to keep those terribly serious-looking shoes that were so good at getting me over the hills and through the woods.  But when it comes to running shoes, I can’t just settle for part of what I want.  I need shoes that make my feet completely happy.  So with great regret, I returned to the closest running store and exchanged the shoes for a different pair.  
This time I took home a pair of Brooks Cascadias.  I’ve never owned a pair of Brooks before, but they have a solid reputation.  These don’t seem to handle the messy trails quite as well as the previous pair, but they keep me moving forward.  And they are much kinder to my feet.  I ran in them a few times, hiked in them, and mowed my yard in them.  (Somehow, whenever I get the mower out, my yard becomes all hill and I need the traction—my mower doesn’t push itself.)  No blisters.  The soles are a little harder than I was used to, but that’s much less uncomfortable than a hot spot or blister (and might simply be a common trait in trail shoes).  Good thing they are more comfortable…..since I’m still planning to wear them when I run 13.1 miles in the woods on Saturday and you are all still invited to the race!

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  1. other things that don't work out... :P

    those shoes are badass. srsly.