Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's a little early for a resolution, but.....

I have been down in the dumps and grouchy lately (yay, wintertime), and I had resolved to stop and think of something that I was grateful for each day to try to generate a more positive attitude in myself.  That has gone the way of so many resolutions before it.  

I realized that I haven't been posting here much, so I also resolved to write more.  I think you can guess what happened to that resolution, too.

So I'm going to combine my resolutions and tell y'all what I'm grateful for.  Two resolutions, one stone--neat and tidy.  And perhaps you can remind me if I start slacking!

Yesterday, I was grateful that my annual exam was easier than last year.  I also got my first mammogram--surprise!--it wasn't scheduled, but they had time for me (ooooh, I felt so lucky).  At least there wasn't time for me to get all nervous about it.  It wasn't the most comfortable day, for certain, but it's over with for another year.  If it hadn't been for my danged headache, I might have fixed myself a fruity rum drink to celebrate my "rite of passage."  Instead, I ran three miles after work, then watched Rango (which made me laugh repeatedly).  I really, really, really want an owl mariachi band now.  Also, I liked this line from the movie:  "No man can walk out on his own story."  It sounded terribly wise and true, but in retrospect, it's really not. People walk out on their stories all the time.  I like it anyway.

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