Friday, December 30, 2011

Force of Habit

Today I am grateful for the force of habit.  Most of the week it has gotten me out of bed, dressed, fed, and through the workday without too much trouble.  Which is good, because for most of the week, I haven't really felt like doing any of those things.  Without that habit, I would have stayed in my pajamas (but not in that fun, goofing-off way), randomly eaten crackers or yogurt in bed if my stomach got so empty I couldn't sleep, and let the critters fend for themselves (not a good idea, as they are completely dependent on me for food and water).  It was just that kind of week.  Depression, winter blues, the S.A.D. sads, call it what you want.  If it weren't for force of habit, I'd be pretty gross and morose right about now.  Instead, I'm just sort of dazed and blah.  My horoscope says that tomorrow will be much better.  I really really really really really hope that's true.

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