Friday, September 30, 2011

How is your paradigm?

Animals are so cool.  I needed an emotional boost, so I was scrolling through the Cheezburger Network stuff and discovered a link to this great story about a puppy.  The one thing that really struck me was a quote from the dog’s physical therapist.

“Her brain kicked in and by the end of the first session, she was like, ‘Oh, I can do this,’” McCartt said.  “She’s a walking miracle.  She’s a real testament to a dog’s determination to get up and just go.”

I’ve been getting those emails from the Thoughts Become Things people (that I mentioned in this entry), which are helping me look at many things differently (but not everything—no worries, I’m not turning perfect or enlightened on you or anything—that would just be annoying).  But the quote made me wonder, what could we accomplish if we just thought “Oh, I can do this” whenever we were presented with a challenge—just hit it with the belief that we are more than ready to run that race.  Would we discover that we are truly capable of anything?
On a side note, a friend that I was afraid I had lost has gotten in touch again—yay!  And in other news, I am going on a date for the first time in 15 years—eek!  These two things make me feel very smiley and I noticed that when I am grinning happily, I look a lot like a deranged rabbit.  Ha!  It’s all part of my crazy charm, right?

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