Monday, September 26, 2011

I talked to a stranger yesterday--eeek!

I was at the laundromat on Sunday and an attractive tattooed gentleman spoke to me.  I replied, but when he didn’t say anything further, I almost retreated into my book (my usual response).  Then I told myself to stop being a scaredy-cat.  We obviously had at least two things in common that we could talk about.  Laundromat.  Tattoos.  So I put the book down and complimented his artwork.  And we chatted until my laundry was done.  I am so proud of myself for taking that little/big step.  It seems silly—after all, he spoke to me first so he was obviously open to conversation.  I work in customer service—I’ve gotten better at chatting with total strangers.  But when it was on a personal level, I nearly froze, nearly fell back into my old loner habits……and then I stepped out of my comfort zone.  Just one step, and what a nice result.  Yay, me!

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