Friday, August 19, 2011


I sometimes think that there is a little monster living inside me that feeds only on cookies.  I can usually have just a little bit of something that I’m craving, or even substitute something similar (fruit instead of candy, edamame instead of chips), but not if I’m craving cookies.  If someone brings cookies to the office, it feels like there is a creature inside me that will actually reach out of my mouth, grab a cookie from the package, and drag it down my throat.  The wicked beast turns my head and forces me to look at the cookies each time I walk to the copier, insisting that I admire their sweet cheerfulness.  And, of course, the crumby things do make me cheerful.  That little zap of sugar will just perk me right up.  But only for a little while, and then……Must.  Have.  Cooooooooookie.  The varmint starts right up again.  I swear it’s not really me.  It’s my own inner cookie fiend.

BTW, as of yesterday afternoon, Awesome Coworker is now officially an Awesome Mommy!  Hooray! 

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