Monday, January 19, 2015

Three Good Things 1.17&18.15

Some of my gloom is lifting and I had a fun, relaxing weekend so finding three good things was pretty simple.

  1. Spent the weekend with a surprise guest—one of my favorite dogs.  Bailey’s fear of the giant dog was eclipsed by his need for treats, and he managed to come out of hiding for dinner and snacks.  He even sniffed noses with the “monster” one time.  Brave little cat!
  2. Had a fun afternoon of crafting and sushi with friends.  We didn’t accomplish everything we set out to do, but we had fun doing what we did.
  3. Split a tasty bottle of Cava (Spanish sparkling wine) with someone who didn’t subsequently run 8 miles.  Fizzy wine is not awesome running fuel, but it feels tremendously decadent to have it with brunch.

Speaking of running fuel, I really need to start getting the long runs in before the weekend gets rolling.  I learned my lesson with trail rash last year—no alcohol the night before ANY trail run.  I am WAY too good at falling down.

Not my actual knee, but weirdly similar to scrapes/bruises I got last year

C'mon Spring!!

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