Friday, November 28, 2014


Or should that be Gobblin'town, since it's Thanksgiving weekend?  For the fun part of this post, skip to the links at the bottom.

(here is the not-fun part of this post)


Argh.  So depressed I don't even feel like writing about being depressed.  Sad during the holidays--it's extra depressing that I'm a cliche.  Sweet merciful heavens, let this be shortlived.  What about the silver lining, you ask?  Well, I'm depressed enough that I don't feel like eating, which is good because I need to lose weight, since I'm nearly too big for my britches and can't really afford new ones.

My little buddy, who doesn't really care if I stay in my jammies all day

(here is the fun part of this post)

Also was briefly cheered when my latest trip through the interwebs rabbit hole found this article.  Cthurkey.  It's what's for dinner.  Thanks, Bloggess!

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