Tuesday, December 3, 2013


No Magic 8 ball required, but Facebook did play a key role in the decision making process.  On Monday, I was still waffling about signing up for the series of trail races.  The group that puts these races together posted on their Facebook page that there were only a few spots left, even though the event isn't until January.  A little further down my news feed, I discovered that one of my original running buddies had signed up for a very cool program called IRUN4 that matches runners with disabled adults and children.  The runner dedicates workouts and races to their buddy/coach, and most of the communication happens through Facebook.  The pressure was on to make a decision, and a whole new reason to get back into races had presented itself.  When the universe lines things up that neatly, what else can one say but "why not?!"  I sent in my request to IR4 and my entry form for the race that very day.  I still haven't decided if I'll say anything to my running buddies, but there's always the Magic 8 ball for that.

(By the way, the first race in the series is a 10k, NOT a 5k.  I'll have to start training a little harder during the holiday season than I had previously planned.  Good thing I'm tough--ha!)

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