Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Taboo subjects

Normally I don't talk about work stuff here, and I'm going to be vague and anonymous and all, but dang, am I excited!  I've been looking for a career change for a while now, and here it finally is.  I'm going to be relocating to the bigger town (small city?) in this area and will be doing something quite different.  I'm really looking forward to being a part of this organization and I'm truly enthusiastic about the challenge I'm facing.  I plan to move my little household down there as well, as soon as I can find a suitable place.  Which brings me to another taboo subject.  Living in the small city (big town?) will bring me closer to someone I've been spending my tiny bits of free time with.  It should be interesting to see if we can stand each other on a more regular basis.  

Oh, the changes are flowing now!  This is all so wild and new and exciting aaaaand I'm gushing again.  Sorry about that.  Ahem.  Speaking of gushing--here's another picture of my brother and his baby.  I want to hang this one on my wall.  Prepare for the sugar coma before you scroll down:

Sleepy sleepers

Makes you want to take a nap, doesn't it?  No?  Just me?

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