Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Magic Hat Redux

This is why I endure winter.  Remind me of that in a couple months, okay?

Perhaps the magic only works outside?  Like when Frosty melted and his magic hat couldn’t help him until the cold re-formed his snow crystals?  I wore my magic hat again on Sunday when I went on a group hike with a bunch of new people.  I managed to chat with everyone in the group without feeling horribly awkward.  I don’t think I got overly weird at any point—just enough to make me seem interesting (hopefully).  I continued my record of impressing the boys and grossing out the girls with my willingness to eat liver, heart, tongue, and random game animals.  I found out that one of the other women has a cat remarkably similar to mine (though hers is older and has all 4 feet).  I answered questions about the area where I live, as one of the guys is hoping to move further out of town.  And I met someone who is signed up for the same meetup groups, is interested in Zombie Squad, and is willing to go listen to live jazz at a local bar.  My faith in the magic hat has been renewed.  AND I might have a new friend!  *grin*

4 happy hikers, 1 magic hat

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