Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I have been craving potato chips for days now.  Usually food cravings mean there is something lacking in my diet.  Potato chip cravings generally mean I need more water and more rest (salt helps retain water in your body, simple carbs give you quick energy).  Therefore, I stepped up my fluid intake, spent one whole day relaxing and enjoying myself, and got some decent sleep for at least 2 nights in a row.  And I’m still craving the darn things.  What else could I possibly need from potato chips?  Iodine?  Probably not—I’ve been eating instant wakame soup (piles of salt plus seaweed).  Fat?  Probably not—I’ve been trying to eat better, but I haven’t been restricting fats too much.  Crunchy?  Maybe that’s it?  There hasn’t been much crunchy stuff in my diet lately….

Anyone out there have any suggestions?  Honestly, I feel like I could just eat potato chips and nothing else all day long.


  1. well...I could come back with the naughty response but you could try getting some of those veggie'd have crunch and because they have veggie in it they are technically healthy. :P

  2. Hey now, lady. This is not that sort of blog. You just better behave yourself--tsk, tsk.