Thursday, November 3, 2011


Halloween is just the funnest holiday there is.  It’s the one for sure and certain time of the year that I can dust off my old theater tendencies without making people consider calling the local authorities.  Of course, here in the Bible belt, there are plenty of people who give me the hairy eyeball for dressing up, but hey!  What can they do?  It’s Halloween!  It just warms the cockles of my little heathen heart.

This year, things got complicated.  I had originally planned to be a neo-geisha, but couldn’t find a geisha wig anywhere.  I have some black wigs, but no longer have access to a wig stand, so I couldn’t fake it.  Also, I bought a dress to be a zombie in a haunted house, but it was too nice to tear up.  In perusing my costume stash, I rediscovered my gargoyle wings.  These things are amazing, they’ve been languishing with my disguises for eight or nine years, and they’ve never been worn.  Combine the dress and the wings, cogitate………….ah-ha!  Add stripey socks and ta-da……bad fairy! 

The weather wasn’t really cooperating this year—quite chilly all weekend and no better on Monday.  It wasn’t as bad as the Halloweens we had in Illinois when I was a kid (think turtleneck and jeans, no matter what your costume was), but it wasn’t comfortable for short sleeves.  Luckily, I had arm warmers that went well with the outfit and my favorite old Frankenboots.  Here is the final product:

Now, I had in my head that I was a BAD fairy, but there was a bat on the wall by the employee door that morning.  Everyone who heard me say BAD fairy thought I said BAT fairy, since the whole building was all riled up by the tiny flying rodent outside.  Plus I had a mouthful of fangs.  And some people refused to believe that I was not a vampire.  Or a vampire bat.  (As if bad fairies don’t bite-hmph.)  After an entire morning of misinterpretation, I decided to just go with the flow (not my usual behavior, but hey—it was Halloween—gotta change it up now and then).  Voila—BAT fairy.


Bat Fairy

One of the other ladies in the office was so inspired by my costume, she ran home and changed.  Suddenly there were two fairies on our floor—one rave/dance fairy with purple hair and one bat fairy.  We were as cool as the company would allow us to be.  We trick-or-treated around the building for a while in the afternoon (and yes, a surprising number of people had candy stashed in their desks—woohoo!) and had our pictures taken a couple of times.

I worked at my second job in the evening and got to give out candy to all the kids who came in.  A few of them looked a little nervous at first, but as soon as they saw the treat bucket, those kids were FOCUSED.  No more worries about the scary lady behind the big desk (teehee).  Several of the parents complimented my costume and a couple of them were sporting pretty fabulous costumes themselves.  I’m not the only one who thinks that Halloween is the funnest—and that’s the best part of the whole day.

Note:  Thanks to Awesome Coworker for the picture of our little bat friend.

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