Thursday, September 1, 2011

Way Down Deep, I’m Shallow

In the office the other day, we were discussing eyebrow threading.  One of my coworkers was so curious about it, she tried it out.  It sounds like a nice way to neaten up my fuzzy little caterpillar brows, but somehow I never seem to have spare cash for the girly stuff.  The only time I’ve ever had a professional manicure was as part of a wedding party.  I’m two months overdue for a haircut, and even I have to admit it’s time to shell out the dough.
Since I moved out of my husband’s house, my spare cash wallet has been pretty flat.  I joke about looking for a sugar daddy this time around, or wishing I could find someone who thinks I ought to pamper myself a little and is willing to foot the bill—no strings attached.  The last time I trotted out that tired little line, I realized that I don’t need some guy to pay for stuff…………I need a BFF who has a decent cash flow and likes to treat herself nicely and will treat me too, so I won’t feel left out.  Sigh.  That would just be lovely—a best friend and some pampering.  I love a tidy solution to life’s problems, don’t you?

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