Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Trying Really Hard Not To Bounce In My Chair


Sorry about the yelling, but I really am excited.  I’ve been trying to find ways to meet people and haven’t been having much luck.  Small towns are tough for that sort of thing—almost everyone you meet has friends that they’ve known since kindergarten, and kids, and husbands, and orgies that you’re not invited to, and they just don’t have time to cultivate a new acquaintance.  At least that’s what I tell myself.  It can’t just be my personality.  I’m cool, right?  A little weird, but that can be fun.  I mean, the orgy comment was fun, right?  I was only kidding—no one has told me that they can’t hang out on Saturday night because they are busy like that. 

Anyway.  The reason I’m excited is that we’re starting a book club!  The temp lady who has joined our office isn’t from around here either and we were kvetching about how hard it is to make new friends.  Turns out we both investigated the same local book club on meetup.com and were both a little put off by the fact that they charged dues AND you have to bring food.  (Too bad, too, because they have some interesting book choices…)  So we decided to start our own club!  Turns out that there are a few people who are looking for a book club that doesn’t meet in the middle of the day (hellooooooo local library clubs) and who don’t necessarily require wine and/or gourmet food in order to chat.

We’ve found a time that will work for us, picked out a first book, posted on craigslist, and passed the word to the people we know.  Now we just have to find time to read the book, come up with some discussion questions, and wait for the big day.  Wish us luck!

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