Monday, August 8, 2011

Karma Brownies

I think I missed some opportunities to store up karma brownie points yesterday, but sometimes it’s hard to tell.  On my way to the running trail, I spied a woman jogging across one of the major roads.  There is a hotel close by and I suspect that she may have been from out of town.  I thought about trying to get her attention to let her know about the trail, but I was in the wrong lane to get close to her.  Also, I didn’t want to freak her out.  Besides, she may have been jogging up to Sheetz for breakfast, for all I knew.   
3 excuses, 0 karma brownies.

When I was running, I saw a pair of bicyclers repeatedly.  They seemed to be sticking mostly to the flat section of the trail—just riding back and forth.  There was an elderly gent who didn’t appear to have bothered to put in his teeth that morning (and who am I to judge—I didn’t put on mascara before I left the house) riding a regular bike and his son (or someone of about that age) riding a recumbent bike.  On the second half of my run, I saw them getting ready to put their bikes in the truck.  I thought perhaps I should offer to help, but I didn’t want to offend them by the offer.  Guys can be weird about stuff like that.  Also, I had hit my stride and I really didn’t want to stop (yeah, selfish, I know—but more on that in a little while).   
2 excuses, 0 karma brownies.

Near the end of my run, I was starting to feel guilty for ignoring chances to help other people, so the universe gave me a couple of do-overs.  First, a lady from out-of-town asked about the trail, so I let her know that it was pretty safe for a woman alone on a Sunday morning and a nice walk besides.  That one was easy, since she approached me.   
0 excuses, 1 karma brownie.

Later in the day, I was taking my garbage to the dumpsters (ah, the rural life) and I got another chance.  The lady ahead of me had several bags in the back of her truck and was unloading them by herself, so I helped her toss them in.  She tried that “oh, I’m fine” line on me, but I’ve been there, done that, so I helped anyway.  Besides, a line was forming behind us and most people don’t hang out at the dumpsters any longer than they have to.  She seemed pleased to have the help and thanked me, so I’m pretty sure I wasn’t helping against her will.  
0 excuses, 1 karma brownie.

My final total for the day—grabbed two, lost two.  Maybe if I think of them as karma brownies from now on, I’ll be a little more eager to get those points.  Karma brownies might make our lives a little sweeter…..grab a brownie and let me know how it works!

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