Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hand Up(date)

I went to see the doctor this morning and my hand must be healing pretty well.  After my x-rays were done, she asked me how accident-prone I was.


I reminded her that I had fallen down hard enough to break my finger and warned her that I had started running again.  And mentioned that I had whacked it a couple of times while it was in the splint/bandage wrapping.  She said “okay, you’re unlikely to hit it hard enough to re-injure it, so I’m just going to buddy-wrap it.”  Turns out buddy-wrapping means she tied my pinkie finger to my ring finger with a few loops of elastic bandage.  It just doesn’t seem like enough, considering my recent history, but I’m not the one with the giant student loans and years of experience, now am I?

I’m also supposed to start trying to bend my poor, frozen little finger joints.  It hurts and I don’t really want to.  Then again, I picture myself going back for my next appointment and my hand is back to normal and the doctor asks “Why are you still wearing those bandages?”  Besides, if running has taught me anything, it has taught me that I can do this, even if it does hurt.

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