Friday, July 22, 2011


I have a family of wild bunnies living in my yard, which I love to watch.  There are occasional close encounters with the teenaged buns who haven't really learned to eat and stay on guard at the same time.  This morning, I startled one when I walked out to my car to go to work.  Apparently it hadn't heard the door to the house close or the screen door slam (it's tough to exit gracefully with a broken hand and my usual baggage—think pack mule with only three legs).  When I walked around the front of the car, it took off with a scatter of gravel, at top speed, in full cottontail mode.  I don't think I've ever seen a rabbit doing the "alarm tail."  I've seen deer do that, but not the buns—guess I've never really surprised one before.  It didn't actually alarm the other rabbit, who was nomming the grass in another part of the driveway, so perhaps it's more like the cat's tail in puffy mode?

I wonder if bunnies have crazy days like people do?  I was watching one of the rabbits zipping and zigzagging around the yard, but never saw any sort of predator.  Maybe it was just practicing escape moves?  Or just feeling frisky in the cooler morning air?

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