Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Three Good Things 1.24&25&26.15

Time got away from me yesterday, so I didn't get a chance to put together a blog post.  Here are my three good things from this weekend:

  1. Managed to run 9 miles and got to do the last two with a friend.
  2. Finished all the cooking that I planned to do.
  3. Had a fun trip to the thrift store and my partner* bought me a dress that makes me giggle whenever I look at it.

The dress is one of those snazzy cotton blend straight up and down dresses from the 90's.  This particular dress is black with zebras and hibiscus flowers.  Who knew that zebras were native to Hawaii?! (hint:  zebras do NOT live in Hawaii unless they are in a zoo.)  I plan to take the dress apart and create something that will fit my shape better--a swirly skirt or a sundress.  Can't wait to show off my Hawaiian zebras!

And now for my three good things from yesterday:

  1. My mom sent me a cool pair of short boots with no heel and they fit perfectly.
  2. Had a long lunch with a couple of my favorite guys.
  3. Nearly finished a project at work much sooner than the higher-ups anticipated (again).

Receiving the boots was extra-lucky because I was on my feet all afternoon.  I was wearing pumps that weren't terribly comfortable, so I was very glad to have more comfortable footwear to get me through the day.

The Hawaiian Zebra Hermit Crab is as close as Hawaii comes to a native zebra

*I use the term partner because some of my friends are married and some are dating, and because I believe the terminology should be the same across the board, whether you are gay or straight, married, living together, or dating.  You are romantically involved with that person currently (and if you’re romantically involved with more than one, you have partners—simple as that).  It’s easier all around, but I doubt it will catch on since it doesn’t give anyone a social cue about the status of your romantic relationship or if your significant other (or others) happen to be the same gender as you are. Humans are so illogical.  I did discover that one of my heroes defines it similarly, so if you have a moment check out Laci Green.


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