Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Chocolate class is moving right along.  I conducted a chocolate tasting at our last Zombie Squad meeting and got my paper written in plenty of time.  Now I’m trying to find sources for my chocolate.  So far, this has been much harder than it sounds.  The companies who sell to businesses do not particularly want to be found by random consumers such as myself.  Lori at Beanermunky Chocolates has been a lot of help to me (and her chocolates look really yummy—go here and order some and tell me what you think!), so hopefully my next round of inquiries will go more smoothly. 

For another assignment, we have to create some signature recipes.  There are a bunch of rules about the process we have to follow and I won’t go into those here, but I thought I’d give you the descriptions of the chocolates I’m going to make:  

Almond Love:  Lightly sweet marzipan studded with tangy dried cherry pieces, hand-dipped in Felchlin's Maracaibo Clasificado Grand Cru dark chocolate
Panama City Beach Caramels:  Crunchy chopped almonds and fresh orange zest smothered in rich rum caramel, layered with Cacao Barry’s Lactée Superieure milk chocolate
Paper Fan:  Smooth white chocolate ganache truffle infused with green tea and sweet lychee fruit, hand-dipped in Cacao Barry’s Guayaquile dark chocolate    If you’re wondering why this sounds familiar, it’s because I made these at Christmas time.  If it ain’t broke, why fix it?!
Bahama:  Dense dark chocolate truffle flavored with spiced rum, with black salt and turbinado sugar crystals added for a sweet-and-salty crunch, hand-dipped in Chocovic’s Ocumare
Bright Spring Crème:  Creamy-sweet with lip-smacking strawberry and vibrant lime filling within a dome of Vintage Plantations’ Fair Trade semisweet chocolate

What do you think?  Which one would you eat first?  Or are you the sort of person who saves the best for last?

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