Thursday, September 13, 2012

$1150 Giveaway - No, not me, I'm not that cool

But the Civilized Caveman is--this guy has some amazing giveaways.  And some fine-looking recipes, too!

$1150 Giveaway - Blendtec, Le Creuset, PaleoKits

Just one more cool thing about investigating this paleo/primal stuff.  Mostly I'm doing this for the Le Creuset--I've lusted after that stuff since I started cooking (lol--back when there were real cavemen running around), but I don't have any yet.  And the PaleoKits, because those are some tasty looking snacks.  And the blender, because I was just thinking yesterday how nice it would be to have a heavy-duty blender.  So the whole pile, yeah.  I want them ALL.

BTW, Marine Corps Mud Run is this weekend.  Wish me luck (and speed--wish me fast feets)!

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