Thursday, August 23, 2012


I invented a super-easy new snack recipe and I have to share it with somebody.  I was craving avocado yesterday, so I threw this together with some items from my CSA share (Thanks, Riverstone Farm!).  It would probably be better with fresh lime juice and fresh onion, but I had no time to fiddle with that this morning.  

Triple Tomato Guacamole
½ avocado
Handful of cherry tomatoes, chopped
Tbsp fresh cilantro, chopped or torn
Splash of lime juice from a bottle
Pinch of onion powder
Salt/pepper to taste

Mash the avocado flesh, stir in everything else.  Eat.

As I mentioned, my time was limited this morning.  I tossed the whole tomatoes, onion powder, lime juice, and cilantro leaves into a container together, then popped the container and the whole avocado into my lunch bag.  I carry a knife in my bag (oooh, that sounds hardcore, doesn’t it?), so I cut the avocado in half and chopped the tomatoes when I was ready to eat.  I brought enough tomatoes etc. to make another batch, so I dropped the other half of the avocado in with the unused ingredients and hid it in the fridge at work. 

Since I’m not eating grains, I just ate this little mash up with a spoon.  I imagine it would be yummy with your favorite chips, though, considering it was tasty by itself.  You could probably eat it with celery or cucumber, too, if you’re counting calories.  Wrapped in a romaine leaf (or other fancy lettuce) with some of my leftover cilantro/lime roasted chicken would probably be a darn good lunch.  Maybe I’ll try that with the other half of the avocado tomorrow.  By the way, it was completely unappetizing to look at, so I didn’t take a picture for you.  No food porn here, baby.

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