Thursday, March 29, 2012


Have I ever mentioned that I’m in love with steampunk stuff?  Here, check out this website and this one, if you've never heard of the phenomenon.  There are a few elements around my house that are easily modified to be more steampunkish.  And I’ve started planning my outfits.  I’ve randomly talked about it with Bonzo and I already have 3 coats and a hat and a pair of shoes that would translate well.  Some of the items are black and some are brown, so I’ll probably be able to put together two costumes without too much effort.  I wasn’t really thinking of making a ray gun right away (de rigeur accessory for the steampunk set), but yesterday I found a couple of fantastic items at the closest thrift store:

The vase (I guess that’s a vase?) fits loosely inside the tall "brass" tin.  I’ve already started picturing a gingerbread/shelf bracket handle, some switches, some lights, maybe a small computer fan to make it sound like a functioning ray gun, some sort of sighting mechanism, perhaps a secret compartment….. 

I think my favorite part of the whole steampunk obsession is that it has jumpstarted my creativity.  I rarely have time to make arts and crafts these days, but thinking about outfits and accessories makes me want to find the time.  From somewhere.  Does the need to create something count as an illness?  Would it be a legitimate excuse for a sick day, do you think?

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