Thursday, September 15, 2011

Young at heart, huh?

Most of our Zombie Squad members are located far away from my area.  So our official chapter is here, but we don’t get to meet all the other people—we only bump into them on the forums.  One of our official ZS events this year is to host a room in the local YMCA Haunted House.  I sent personal invitations to all the members who have signed up on the chapter forum, because we really need more people to make our idea scary.  It’s only been a couple of days, but I’ve already had a few responses.  The response that made me the happiest?  A guy who might be able to make it and who is older than I am.  I’m excited because I probably won’t be the oldest person in the room this year.  I’m also excited because we so rarely meet these guys (seriously, we only know them by their screen names), but my biggest Yes! moment was when I checked the dude’s profile and saw that he is 6 years older than me.  So much for that “young at heart” attitude.  Sometimes, I just make myself laugh. {snort, headshake}  To borrow a term from one of my favorite bloggers—crazypants.  Just………..crazypants.

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