Friday, September 9, 2011


Since I thinned out my Christmas stuff collection, I’ve been thinking about Christmas.  And thinking about Christmas makes me think about CHOCOLATE.  Mmmmmm.  Not because Santa brings me chocolate (he doesn’t—I have to buy my own chocolate), but because I get to spend one full week pretending that I am a chocolatier.  I make truffles, and bark, and peanut butter balls, and dip things in chocolate, and try to make caramel.  I don’t lick my fingers and I try to package things professionally, all the while dreaming of the day that I will do this for a living and be free of the cubicle farm at last.

(deeeeeep sigh)

This year may be a little different.  Not long ago, I decided that my very first real hurdle was going to be learning to turn the skills from my occasional hobby into professional–caliber skillz.  Then I discovered Ecole Chocolat, which has an online program to teach people to be professional chocolatiers.  Voila!  The next session starts in January and I am going to be one of the students.  I will have to get actual internet at my house, but it will happen.  I have to put together the tuition money, but it will happen.  This is the first step on the road to one of my dreams.  I WILL take this step. 

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